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Spam was invented by Hormel in 1937, long before email was invented and back in those days it was a can of meat of dubious origin. There are several theories about how spam got it's name; SPiced hAM is the people's favorite, while others suggest that Special Processed American Meat is the how it got it's name. Either way it's still pretty dull food product.

Spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam, lovely spam
Spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam, lovely spam
Post war, spam pretty much fell off the radar until it was resurrected in 1970 by Monty Python's Flying Circus in a sketch called 'Spam'. The sketch revolves around a café with a rather unimaginative menu which contains an unfeasible amount of spam. The 'female' customer is looking for a meal without spam with no luck. The situation is further clouded by the presence of Vikings periodically singing about spam.

The format of this sketch led to the naming of annoying unsolicited electronic communication being labelled as spam. Spam emails, spam comments, spam text messages and even spam phone calls are commonplace in modern life, some of these are more malicious than annoying.

At STP we receive in excess of 10 spam comments per day, most of them are trying to create links to sites which sell pharmaceuticals or knock off purses and boots, or porn sites. Some of these spammers are getting smart and making the comments look like real comments except for the sneaky link at the end, while some of them are obviously written in Russian or Chinese and run through a cheap online translator program, resulting in amusing broken English.

examples of comment spam @slapthepenguin.com
examples of spam we get daily @slapthepenguin.com
Another Silly Spam Comment
Another Silly Spam Comment
What's the wackiest spam you have ever received? Have you ever been the victim of malicious spam? Would you order the egg, bacon, sausage and spam? Share your opinion below, but no spamming.

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