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What got slapped 12 months ago - October 2012

by +Tina Cruris

Here we are, the first Sunday of October, and I have to write another reslap post. "What's a reslap post?" It's a chance for us to show you what we were doing this time last year. Think of it as a showcase, or a window to the past when this was actually a funny website.

For the uninitiated, just read on and follow the links in the post headers to see what was happening in October 2012. For those with a little more experience, just go crazy bouncing around the archive. Either way, please leave a comment below or use the "Slap Back" option at the bottom of the sidebar. Take your time and explore our history you may find a hidden gem.

October 2013 Reslap Montage
October 2013 Reslap Montage 
12 months ago we announced the launch of a new craft beer with an image of Adolf Hitler on the label. It was no surprise that the beer never actually took off, but anybody who has one of these bottles has a really collectible item which may be worth something in a few years.

The Presidential election was hot news just 1 year ago and the impact of social media on this and forthcoming elections was being discussed, particularly online voting options.

October 5th 2012 - STP finds the i in team
For years, 'modest' sportsmen have been saying "There is no I in team". We beg to differ...

October 6th 2012 - Mila Kunis - Sexiest Woman Alive
Esquire magazine is noted for it's appreciation of the female of the species and has an annual Sexiest Woman Alive feature. It was won last year by someone called Mila Kunis.

October 7th 2012 - 8 Bit News - Another topless Princess
Naked royals was certainly a hot topic in the latter half of 2012. With Prince Harry and Princess (to be) Kate having their goodies exposed. Then this young Princess who is adored by millions had her swimsuit area displayed publicly.

October 11th 2012 - World of Warcraft Hacked - Thousands Killed
The MMO game, WOW was pwned by a couple of hackers who rampaged the online universe, killing thousands of players in the process. The sound of muffled, anguished screams coming up from thousands of basements did not go entirely unheard.

October 12th 2012 - 3rd Presidential debate follows Miss USA format
With the Presidential election looming closer, the debates were becoming more and more important for swinging those undecided voters. This round of debates followed a new and unique format, involving both potential First Ladies in a Miss USA style contest.

October 15th 2012 - Partial Tan Bodybuilder or Photoshop Fail?
Body builders are known for their buff bodies which are usually enhanced by the use of artificial tanning products and copious amounts of baby oil. Take a look at this body builder who seemingly forgot to tan a certain part of his body. Either that or it is one of the worst Photoshop head-swaps ever made.

October 17th 2012 - WTF? Honey Boo Boo
Precocious Brat, Marvel of Marketing or Reality TV Revulsion.. like her or not Honey Boo Boo is (for the moment) an important player in the TLC channel line up. Read the post if you think you need to know more.

October 18th 2012 - Walmart plan drive-in theater store
Walmart are continuing to push the boundaries in an effort to control everything. Their online efforts are beginning to challenge established e-tailers like, and now they are branching out into the once popular world of drive-in theaters.

October 21st 2012 - US Mint release new Cuban 'state' quarter
The US mint had run out of ideas for their 'state quarter' series and followed up with state parks and outlying territories. Then with nothing left to stamp on their coins they started looking to the future, and the possible inclusion of Cuba into the United States.

October 22nd 2012 - Justin Bieber endorses Barack Obama
The headline says it all. Even though Justin Bieber is unable to vote in the United States and most people who actually take Justin Bieber's views seriously are too young to vote, it is big news that Bieber endorses Obama for US President. This makes as much sense as Benjamin Netanyahu endorsing bacon.

October 23rd 2012 - Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2
Just for the tweens their hormonal mothers, we present Breaking Dawn part 2, the follow up to Breaking Dawn part 1. The post contains links to the entire STP catalog of Twilight, for those who may need some guidance on the topic.

Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think.

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Static said...

I can only imagine that Hitler Beer tastes like Nazi piss...which probably tastes like sauerkraut and bratwurst.

Mila Kunis...I'd like to dip my bratwurst in her sauerkraut.

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