Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bruce Springsteen - Not Born in the USA shocker

Since 1984 American people have been singing along with Bruce Springsteen's anthemic single 'Born in the USA' to profess their love of their country, but in a recent interview The Boss revealed that he was actually not born on United States soil.

Born near the USA
30 years of lies
Bruce was actually born prematurely in the city of Niagara Falls, Canada while his parents were sightseeing during the latter part of an otherwise uncomplicated pregnancy. His mother, Adele's water broke while she was picnicking with husband Doug, overlooking the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side.

Long story short, Doug drove like a maniac to get back to a US hospital but the customs/toll bridge was backed up and Adele had to pop out little Brucie on the side of the road. At the time, they still hadn't decided what to name their baby thinking they had a few weeks  before the birth. Bruce was named for the street on which he was born.

Bruce Springsteen's Birthplace
Bruce Springsteen's Birthplace
OK so technically he wasn't born on Bruce Street, but Niagara Springsteen is a pretty limp name, so his parent's cheated a little bit. Nothing wrong with taking a small liberty, just like they did with his birth registration. They drove back over the border, sneaking baby Bruce through in the picnic basket and registered his birth in their home town of Long Branch, New Jersey, 400 miles away.

Springsteen has kept this secret for almost 65 years but now feels the need to come clean and share the truth. There have always been rumors about Bruce being Canadian because of his limited singing abilities making him sound like a wailing banshee, and a phlegmy one at that.

Wailing Canadian Banshee Bruce Springsteen
Bruce demonstrates his banshee roar
Even though he was born in Canada, both his parents are US citizens, which makes him an American citizen by default. "I am just as American as Apple Pie", Bruce claims. "I sweat American sweat and bleed American blood and I pay American taxes. I have lived here all my life and that should stand for something."

I admire his honesty. He could have lived out his life with his Canadian birth kept secret, but chose to share the truth. What do you think about Bruce Springsteen's revelation? Will you burn your copy of 'Born in the USA'? Should he have kept quiet and taken the truth to the grave? Share, please. We want to know what you think.


Mr. Michael J. MacNeil Sr said...

Do You Americans say you have better singers then Canadians?

Alexa Rankin - Slap the Pengui said...

Thanks for your kind input Mr MacNeil. I personally don't think that America has better singers than Canada, the facts simply state that there is a subset of Canadian singers who are really not that good. There are also many American singers who are equally not good but we choose not to highlight them in order to make the Canadian singers look worse.

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