Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hot Halloween costumes for 2013

Uh-oh it's October. Time to start procrastinating about a Halloween costume. Today you have exactly 4 weeks until trick or treat time so there is no need to panic yet. You still have 3 weeks to not think about it. For those of you who want to buck the trend and start shopping now we have some ideas for you.

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus costumes
Click the picture and search "Twerkin"
Yep, the hottest couples outfit is the Robin and Miley (a.k.a High Ho, High Ho, it's off Twerk we go) and if you are just a single guy, get the Robin Thicke suit and if you don't get any twerking action just pretend you are Beetlejuice.

The other hot character is Breaking Bad's Walter H. White (as predicted by Bubes). The way I see it is that you have 2 options.
  1. Buy a bald wig, fake goatee and plain lens glasses and walk around with a big wrinkled frown.
  2. Buy a hazmat suit costume.
Walter H White Hazmat suit
Click the picture and search "Hazmat Suit"
If Breaking Bad is not your thing but you yearn to wear yellow then think about having a despicable Halloween with a minion costume. They are bi-sexual and come in a variety of sizes (the costumes not the minions, although...)
A female minion
Click the picture and search "minion"
I am sure you have your own ideas about what to wear for Halloween, but I know what I am going to be wearing to both the office party and my family Halloween party. The extra bone skeleton or skeledong as I have heard it called is a simple black suit with white bones painted on it, with the added bonus of an added bone. See for yourself.
A skeleton costume with an extra bone
Click the picture and search "Skeleboner"
All of these costumes and many more are available from the leading online costume retailer.

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