Sunday, October 27, 2013

600 posts and climbing

Now that Back to the Future week is over we can return to some form of normality. That normality would be self congratulatory nonsense as we have just passed another milestone. Yesterday we published post number 600 and we still have a lot more to come with no immediate signs of improvement.

Slap 600 - Since 1955
600 posts and still going
Just like FIAT, we keep churning out second rate product and people keep buying it. Sure we re-invent ourselves periodically but it's still the same old crap underneath the new shiny surface. Hopefully, no-one will notice for another couple of years so we can keep writing this nonsense. Who knows, maybe somebody likes what we do and will actually employ one of us as a professional writer...

Feel free to send congratulatory messages through the comments section or send donations through our paypal link in the sidebar.

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