Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do you like boobs?

by +Brad Naylor

Do you like boobs? Follow these simple instructions to see if you truly are a boob lover.

  1. If you like boobs, smile.
  2. If you like boobs, touch your nose.
  3. If you like boobs, follow Slap the Penguin on facebook
  4. If you like boobs, put your hand in your pocket.
  5. If you like boobs, click here to donate to a breast cancer charity.
Breast Cancer Awareness Penguin
Click me if you like boobs
If you completed all five steps then you truly are a boob lover. (#3 was optional, facebook does not allow conditional 'likes')

If you can't donate, at least take the time to check yourself and encourage another person to do the same. Beating ALL forms of cancer is about awareness. Regular checks increase the chances of early detection which increases the chances of winning the battle against cancer.

Now I know what our male readers are thinking, "How could Slap the Penguin do a serious post, especially when boobs are involved?"

Well male readers, you are right. Even though Breast Cancer is a very serious medical condition which indiscriminately kills thousands of women AND MEN each year, attempting to increase awareness should not have to be serious and definitely should not be a taboo subject.

Breast Awareness Month
Click to zoom. it's worth it
This is where I was going to go when I started thinking about this post, but I didn't want to alienate visitors straight away by appearing blasé or incongruous. There are plenty of other things on Slap the Penguin to offend or scare potential readers away.

Then I changed direction slightly and went with this picture...

Octoboob is Breast Cancer Awareness month
Octoboob is Breast Cancer Awareness month
...but I decided that I didn't like Octoboob, it sounds like something that Nadya Suleman would breast feed her eight kids with.

Squeeze a boob, Save a life.
Slap the Penguin does not recommend random boob squeezing without permission from the breast owner.

Question: Without looking back, what color eyes does the women in the last picture have? Answer honestly in the comments section below.


Unknown said...

STP ..... You had me @ BOOBS!

Unknown said...

STP ...... I hope you don't mind but I did a little thing on my blog to direct you a little bit more traffic. How much? Hard to say, at least one person will follow the links I hope. Check it out @ and if you do mind just let me know and I will remove the post.

Ian C - Slap The Penguin said...

Awesome job Scorpion Sting. Thanks for helping to spread the word.
Anybody reading this should go check out Scorpion Sting's site.
He has a unique view on anything and everything and doesn't mind sharing it with his readers.

Anonymous said...

Boobs I like! :)
Cancer I hate! :(

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