Monday, August 12, 2013

Slap the Penguin milestone - 200k visits

by +Ian C

Do you remember August 17th 2012? That's the day that Slap the Penguin passed 100,000 visits.

Well today somebody was visitor 200k to Yippee!! Cue the fireworks, streamers and ticker tape snow. 
Odometer showing 200,000
Were you visitor 200,000?
This time it took us just less than a year to add another 100,000 visits compared to a little over 2 years for the first 100,000.

If you were the lucky person who was visitor number 200,000 and happened to take a screen shot of the visit counter then you may have already won an iPad or similar. Simply submit the full screen image of the counter and the precise URL that you visited to and once your entry has been verified we will send you your prize.

Come back and visit us often because we love having you around. We also love it when you leave comments or send us messages so make sure you do that too. We also have a facebook and a twitter so be sure to subscribe to those as well.

Thanks for helping us to 200,000 and we trust you will help us to reach 300,000.

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