Friday, August 23, 2013

Movie Review - Jobs

by +Ian C

When I left my house to watch the premiere showing of Jobs, I was expecting to join the back of a long line of Apple fan-boys circling the movie theater like it was a Best Buy store on iPhone 6 release day. I was both surprised and pleased that this was not the case. There were some middle aged iPhowners there who were old enough to remember the release of the first Mac, regretting not investing a dollar into the company back in the 70's. "My dollar would be worth $44,000 now", I overheard one of them say. 

The cross section of people lining up for the movie was not entirely what I was expecting. My preconception of the 'Jobs' audience was along the lines of a ComicCon audience. There were more women in line than I would have imagined, maybe due to the Ashton Kutcher influence. Also, people were older than I anticipated they would be. And as I mentioned already, there were considerably fewer people than I expected.
For those of you who don't know the Steve Jobs story, or at least the pre-iPod Steve Jobs story then you may be amazed at what this guy did. This movie delves into his maniacal obsession with computers and tech and his unshakable focus on getting what he wants.

I spent the first hour of this 2 hour advertisement for Apple trying to get that other 70's Kutcher character out of my mind. To be fair Ashton Kutcher was a great pick for this role, mainly because there is a slight visual similarity between him and Jobs. Also, since Kutcher is such a 2 dimensional actor he was able to portray Jobs' emotionless persona with little effort.
This movie is quite possibly the 3rd worst movie of the year, narrowly beating G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and stomping all over Smurfs 2, which is currently challenging 'The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?' as the worst movie of all time.

Steve Jobs invents the 1st iPad
Jobs and Wozniak invent the 1st iPad
Anyway, back to Jobs - The Movie. Everybody hated the movie for it's insubstantial storyline, poor character development and lack of vampires/zombies/presidential kidnappings. It scored 5.1/10 on IMDB, 44/100 on Metacritic and a dismal 26% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even though this movie was mostly unsuccessful, Jobs 2.0 is set to be released in 6 months. It will be the same basic movie, but with some of the bugs fixed. It will feature some new apps and will run faster, so the movie length will be 112 minutes instead of the original 128 minutes. We have also seen leaked images of Jobs 3.0 which is rumored to be scheduled for release late next year and will feature a bigger screen and improved acting. 

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Overall, this movie did nothing to satisfy my curiosity about Jobs the man. It gave a little history, but bounced around too much with disjointed montage style cinematography trying to cram too much information into a too small a window. I gave it 1/5 for story because it did actually tell a story, just not very well. There were no boobs in the movie even during the 2 love scenes, and insufficient action to register on the scale so I gave 0/5 for both categories, giving an overall Penguin Rating of 0.33/5. If there was a category for shouting and cursing then Jobs would have scored better. Do not spend any money on this movie, wait for Netflix to stream it.

Penguin Rating for Jobs, The Movie
Jobs - 0.33/5

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