Sunday, August 4, 2013

What got slapped 12 months ago - August 2012

by +Tina Cruris

Today is the first Sunday of August, which is my prompt to create a reslap post, a look back at what was getting slapped this time last year. Join me on this roller-coaster ride of emotion and laughter from 12 months ago. 

For the more experienced users, you can use the archive to look back through our better days, for everyone else, hold tight and read on. If you see a snippet that interests you then click the headline to get the full story.

August 2013 Reslap Montage
August 2013 Reslap Montage

August 5th 2012 - 8 Bit News - Olympic Uncoverage
The 2012 London Olympics were in full swing and all eyes were on the water polo events. Not because it is an exciting sport, but because there was a wardrobe malfunction in one of the ladies events. As a result, water polo was the 7th most watched event of the whole Olympics.

Continuing with the Olympic theme, we reported on the alternate Olympics for those less sport oriented. The Redneck Olympics is held every four years to compete with the real Olympic Games. Just click the headline to see the full list of events that people will be competing in. As you will see it's not just about Gator Slapping, and Mudpit Belly-flopping.

This time last year we hit a major milestone, 100,000 visits to our pages. Follow the link to see our self congratulatory claptrap.

Another 8 Bit news story as Prince Harry starts the royal nudity trend. Harry, who now slips back an extra rung on the Monarch ladder thanks to the arrival of Prince George. Anyway, last year he was living the high life in Las Vegas and got caught with his pants down. Click the header for more...

A guy in India opened up a clothing store and called it Hitler. This pissed off a lot of people. Not much more to say.

This one is a classic. A couple of guys in Montana were trying to create a fake Bigfoot sighting using sniper camouflage. One of them did not make it. Click the header to find out who.

Who? Just click the link so I don't have to explain who they are. Before you do, lower your expectations slightly. Little more, little more. Ok, now click.

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