Sunday, August 25, 2013

PlasticBox 1.2 found on Best Buy shelves

by +Alexa Rankin

Best Buy, the biggest bricks'n'mortar consumer electronics chain in the US is now stocking PlasticBox 1.2 on it's shelves, and as usual the under-trained retail associates know nothing about it.

Best Buy Data Sheet for PlasticBox 1.2
Everything you need to know about the product, because the staff don't have a clue
The PlasticBox and it's supporting data sheet has been turning up in Best Buy stores in Los Angeles, California and has so far been seen in 5 stores. Upon closer inspection, it would appear that the street artist PlasticJesus is responsible for the shoplowering (opposite of shoplifting?) or 'install' as he calls it. His website is linked on the data sheet and through the QR code.

Best Buy staff were observed looking puzzled by PlasticBox 1.2 and it purpose, which is why it took so long for them to notice it was a hoax. Perplexed staff is a common occurrence in these stores.

PlasticBox 1.2 available for purchase at a Best Buy near you
It blends in so well with all the other worthless crap

Jon Sandler, a spokesman for Best Buy, released a statement saying:
"A few stores were affected and the boxes were removed immediately. We are flattered that Best Buy is so top of mind for Mr. Plastic Jesus, and are happy that he presumably had the opportunity to witness our expert Blue Shirts and Geek Squad members in action during his visits. Hopefully he also had the chance to check out our fabulous back to school deals." 
which is corporate speak for:
"The boxes were spotted by staff and left there because nobody wanted to appear ignorant of the latest products in-store. We think that Mr. Plastic Jesus is a dick for showing us up like that but we can spin it into a positive incident. I hope he didn't see our blue shirts looking confused and taking pictures of the items. By the way, here is a chance for free back to school advertising for us."
Two Best Buy blue shirts looking more confused than normal
"It looks like the new Wii3 portable"
This was a bold and funny stunt by PlasticJesus and it has brought smiles to the masses. All images in this post have been borrowed from which is definitely worth a visit.

Best Buy Co, Inc.
Would you buy a PlasticBox if everybody else bought one? Would you buy it if it was 3 times the price and called the iBox? Leave a comment and let us know if you actually read this far!

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