Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tim Tebow released from Patriots

by +Titan Young

This is Titan Young with another guest post through my penguin slapping buddy, Brad.

Tim Tebow was once a high profile quarterback for the Denver Broncos, where he broke all manner of franchise records including most prayers in a single quarter. He became a household name because of his high profile Christianity and 'Tebowing' before each game. To him, taking a knee meant something entirely different.
Tim Tebow Tebwoing
Tebow doing his signature move

Tebow was traded to the New York Jets where he had a non-existent season and was released in April 2013. Tebow was signed on June 10, 2013 by the New England Patriots and had a miserable pre-season reinforcing the fact that he was a good college player but couldn't raise his game to NFL standards.

Today is the deadline for NFL teams to cut their roster to 53 players and unfortunately for Tebow he just wasn't good enough to even keep the bench warm.

Tebow's future as a Quarterback and even his NFL career is now seriously in doubt, with nobody even wanting him as a water boy.

Tebow may not have a job or career anymore, but at least he still has his faith, and his girlfriend, whose name just happens to be Faith.

Tim Tebow and his college sweetheart
"My Faith is not a burden to me"
Where do you think Tebow will end up?

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