Friday, August 17, 2012

Slap the Penguin milestone - 100,000 visits

Today, some lucky person was our 100,000th visitor, and NO, they did not win an iPad, a new car or a Slap the Penguin mug. In fact, unless that person happened to look way down at the bottom of the sidebar over there >>> then they may not have even realised they were visitor 100k.
simulated odometer reading 100000
Were you visitor 100k?
If I had 1 penny for every recorded visit to this site then today, I would have passed the $1000 dollar mark. That equates to earning $1.30 per day, every day, since this popular satirical news blog began. That is barely enough to cover the electricity it takes to power my laptop to write this stuff. Besides not every visitor generates income, so the actual earnings of this site are considerably less than a penny per visit. (each visit averages 0.13 cents so the numbers are out by a factor of 8).
Odometer modified from 100,000 to read $1000.00
Yeah, I wish!
Thanks to everybody who made this awesome feat possible, including the accidental visitors looking for Taylor Swift's Boobs, the spam comment robots and of course the people who come here deliberately to get their satirical news fix.

It has taken a little over 2 years to get to this milestone, in fact last month we were celebrating our 2nd Anniversary. We hope to get to 200k faster than it took us to get to 100k, so make sure you check back frequently for the latest news, or better still, like/follow us on facebook/twitter.

After all this excitement, we need a break. In fact we are taking our 1 week annual vacation currently so don't expect much from us until next week. You should take the opportunity to review our archives and see how we became the #1 popular satirical newsblog*

*out of all websites who describe themselves a popular satirical newsblogs, as measured by STP data and analytics division

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