Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Germany has a sense of humor

by +Ian C

For centuries the German nation has been considered by the rest of the world to be a stoic nation with no sense of humor, but the latest round of STP visitor stats contradicts that long held belief. We can officially confirm that Germany does actually have a sense of humor.

Germany - Europe's second funniest nation
Germany - Europe's second funniest nation
Not only does Germany have a sense of humor, but it is leading the non-EFL (English as a First Language) world in humor. According to statistics from our trusted source, Google Analytics, Germany sends the most non-English speaking visitors to the pages of Slap the Penguin. The following map shows the relative number of non-English visitors using a blue scale which darkens as the visitor count increases.

Germany sends non English speaking visitors to Slap the Penguin
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The map clearly shows that Germany has the best sense of humor out of all the non-EFL countries and is fourth all time for total visits regardless of language. We have tried to figure out what makes our site so appealing to our German friends, but nothing stands out as to why they are flocking to read Slap the Penguin or 'Geschlechtsverkehr mit Pelztiere' as they call it there.

Maybe it's our German friendly 'Links' page or maybe it's just the fact that German readers actually get what we are doing. Either way we are pleased to welcome all of our Teutonic penguin slappers, and of course our readers from all countries, whether you speak English or not.

If you are reading this in Germany we would dearly love to understand why we are almost as popular as David Hasselhoff over there. Feel free to use our comments section to let us know, or you can contact us directly using the 'Now you can slap back' widget. Scroll way down and look over there -->

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