Saturday, November 2, 2013

CoitUS challenged over name and new logo

by +Brad Naylor

They used to be called Coit Cleaning Services until an expansion project made them an international company. The success of the 'Man in the shiny black van' meant that they could afford to expand to Canada and Thailand and clean carpets and drapes in other countries. In order to identify the original domestic portion of the company they added the letters US after their name.

Coit US cleaning services
Call CoitUS for a full service
3 weeks after they repainted their entire livery and restitched 1000's of uniforms with their new logo, Pastor Henry Blume from Salem, Oregon complained to his state representative. Blume claims that their vans clearly say COITUS, a fancy word for sex, and that housewives were hiring these men for something other than deep cleaning their carpet.

"Why else would they drive around in those black vans if they weren't gigolos? They are doing Satan's work and they need to be stopped," claimed Pastor Blume.

CoitUS spokesman, Dick Voorhire rubbished Blume's accusations that CoitUS was offering any kind of 'male escort service'. "It is unfortunate that we didn't get a second opinion before investing 3/4 million dollars in rebranding. We are not about to spend another $750,000 to put everything back the way it was."

COIT - Show us your dirt
COIT - a history of double entendres and sexual harassment
To date, no actual legal action has been taken against CoitUS, even though Pastor Blume has gathered almost 23 signatures on his petition to make CoitUS change their name back to Coit Cleaning Services. We will update this post if there are any significant changes in this story.

Have you ever had your interior serviced by a CoitUS guy? Has the CoitUS guy got deep into your upholstery with his crevice tool? Share your CoitUS story with us below.

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