Sunday, January 22, 2012

What got slapped 12 months ago - 1/23/11

It's that time again when I look back at what crap we were spewing out 12 months ago. The entire archive for this week can be seen here. If you are being lazy and want me to do all the work for you then keep reading.
Brad was looking at the new CD releases for the week, which included Bob Marley, Rod Stewart and Ricky Martin. As usual he was putting everything down except for 'The Civil Wars' which he claimed was the best CD of the year so far.

Jack had exclusive news about the upcoming movie, 'The Royals', which covers William and Kate's wedding. Jude Law and Lindsay Lohan star as the royal couple.

The big story of the week (and one of the biggest of the year) was the news about Regis Philbin's Replacement. Many people had Mark Consuelos or Anderson Cooper marked to fill Regis' boots, but we had a much better story.

Sorry Mark and Anderson. It's not you


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