Friday, January 27, 2012

Bus-sized asteroid on near miss course with Earth

Scientists have released data which shows an asteroid's imminent path through our solar system. The asteroid is estimated to be the size of a bus and should shoot by us later today, getting as close as 36,000 miles, which is considerably closer than our own moon.

A similar incident from 1979
The scientists tell us that there is no cause for alarm considering the small size of the object, since it would either burn up on entry to our atmosphere, or just skip off it entirely. They have also denied rumours that Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are on standby with a bunch of misfits, just in case.

*** EDIT ***

The bus sized asteroid did pass by the Earth without incident as predidcted by the scientists, however in typical public transport tradition the asteroid was severly delayed and then 3 turned up althogether.

You wait an hour for one and then 3 turn up at once



Janene said...

I love your dramatic visual representation! ;)

Tina Cruris - Slap The Penguin said...

Thanks Janene. Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. In this case it is barely a dozen words, but the message is clear.

Static said...

BONUS! Three-for-one??! If only public transportation were that reliable! XD

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