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Week in Review with Alexa Rankin - 1/28/12

Hello again, it's me, Alexa Rankin with my rundown of the news headlines that caught my eye this week. I read many stories over the last seven days, but the ones that stick in my mind, are the ones that don't usually make the front pages. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as I share my favorite stories of the week.
Disney review their beard policy
Every few years, Disney look at their policies and try to adjust them to reflect what they believe their beloved Walt would want. Originally facial hair was restricted to just a moustache (or would that be a MOUSEtache) and only for employees working in certain areas of the parks. The so called Disney Look was strictly policed and also included a ban on tattoos and restrictions on piercings.

King Hubert and King Stefan discuss Disney's latest facial hair policy
"We have to shave our beards off? What is that Walt thinking?"
This week, Disney announced that beards and goatees will be permitted for male employees, provided they are grown only on personal time and do not exceed 1/4 inch in length. Sorry Howie Mandel, but soul patches are still not permitted.

Under the old rules, approximately 1 in 7 applicants were actually hired due to facial hair restrictions.
Disney's Old Beard Policy
McNuggets girl sick in hospital
A 17 year old British girl who for 15 years existed primarily on a diet of Chicken McNuggets was taken to hospital this week. Doctors were surprised that the girl, who was admitted with breathing difficulties, was actually still alive. They pumped her full of vitamins, iron, and other nutrients that she had been missing for most of her life. They also attempted to inject taste and flavor, but so far her body has rejected those items.
Stacey Irvine ate her first McNugget meal at age 2 and has not expanded her diet beyond those little chunks of breaded chicken since then. A lack of fruit and vegetables in her diet meant that she was anaemic and severely malnourished.

Her mother Evonne Irvine said, "It breaks my heart to see her eating those damned nuggets. She's been told in no uncertain terms that she'll die if she carries on like this. But she says she can't eat anything else."

Alexa Rankin says, "What kind of mother lets her daughter end up in this kind of predicament. You enabled her by giving her McNuggets for every meal for 15 years."

Nutrition Facts about McNuggets from
Currently, Stacey is being drip fed with real food and is being forced to watch 'Super Size Me' in order to break her McHabit.

Man blames ghost for beating wife
A Fond du Lac, Wisconsin man has blamed a ghost for the marks on his wife's body. Michael West claimed that the bloody nose his wife suffered was from repeatedly falling over and that the apparent strangulation marks around her neck were the result of a ghost attacking her.

Michael West arrested for a spirited assault
According to the police report, the couple were involved in a domestic dispute prior to the alleged assault in which Rebecca West was agitated about Michael eating the entire contents of the fridge. Michael denied it, instead blaming a hungry ghost, called Slimer.
"Who you gonna call?"

Thanks for stopping by to catch my weekly review. I would love to read your comments below, so let me know what you think. I am Alexa Rankin and this is the Week in Review.


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