Monday, January 30, 2012

MSP airport introduces pilot scheme

The authorities at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport have joined forces with the TSA to create an expedited security check for pre-screened frequent fliers, called TSA PreCheck.
A modified TSA PreCheck logo
Delta Airlines and American Airlines will use TSA guidelines to select some of their most frequent fliers, to be fast tracked through security without removing shoes, emptying pockets or opening laptop bags.

The first class frequent flying business men are all in favor of this system because it means that they can flaunt their pomposity without having to pause to remove their shoes and belt.

"I had an awful dream. I had to wait in line and take off my shoes"
On the flipside, regular people are still concerned about the potential security threat that this scheme poses. Nobody should be above the law when it comes to airline security, and everyone should be screened, regardless of how much they pay for their ticket, or how often they fly from a certain airport.

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