Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Ten Stories of 2011

odometer reading 2011 altered to read 2012Another year is (nearly) over and what a year it has been. We had a name change, following a 3 month recuperative break. We lost one writer and gained two new ones. More people are reading Slap the Penguin than ever before, and some of them are actually repeat visitors.

Since the relaunch, (according to Google Analytics) we have had visits from readers in 70 countries including the little known country of not set, which I think might be a former Soviet state not unlike Belarus or Georgia or possibly a tiny independent Caribbean island owned by a millionaire.

To celebrate the end of 2011, we have listed the top ten most visited posts of this past year, some of which are stories from 2010 which remain popular with readers as well as people who google 'vajazzle' for a cheap thrill . Just click the link to be instantly taken to that story. Then come back here to vote for your favorite post below.

10.Bieber denies 'Baby Daddy' claim

9. Taylor Swift has no boobs

8. Playboy goes with the Flo

7. Product Review - Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms

6. iBone, the new iPhone sexting app

5. What does 11-11-11 mean to you?

4. Man sues for usage of his name

3. Regis Philbin replacement announced

2. Dear Tina - Vajazzling

1. Product Review - Cedar Ridge 'Age Your Own Whiskey' Kit

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