Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Man sues for usage of his name

A Pakistani immigrant living in Brooklyn, New York has recently filed a lawsuit against the website for unlawful usage of the word asshat.

Mr Asshat
Mr Prashid Asshat is suing for distress and embarrassment
Prashid Asshat (pronounced Ash-hart) claims that the owners of the website failed to research the name before creating the domain and have caused distress and embarrassment to himself and his family.

Neither party was available for comment, but a statement released by Mr Asshat's attorney suggests that they will be suing for damages in the region of 10 to 20 thousand dollars, and serving a cease and desist order requiring to surrender the name and rights to the domain.

It is unclear at the moment whether this case will impact the usage of the word asshat in the English language. Should Mr Asshat win his lawsuit, it will certainly disallow 'asshat' entry into the OED's list of new words for 2011.


Chataler said...

LOL, I own

Jack - My Twist News said...

Thanks, for dropping in and saying hi, Chataler. I trust the legal battle is going well for you. Personally, I think that Mr Asshat is being unreasonable considering that the word asshat is in common usage and it is unlikely that it can be copyrighted.

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