Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Tina - Vajazzling

Dear Tina,
recently I have seen a lot of talk about vajazzling on daytime TV. I understand that Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous vajazzler. Do you have any tips or tricks for vajazzling oneself?
Thanks, Megan.

Dear Megan, thank you for taking the time to write. Firstly for the uninitiated, vajazzle is NOT a Snoop Dogg word, Fo Shizzle.

I have received a great number of emails regarding this subject, most of them from men who wonder if I vajazzle and want me to send them pictures. Sorry fellas, I am not a 'beaded lady'. And if I was, why would I send you pictures? Go google it.

Sorry, back to you Megan. The word vajazzle is one of those crazy composite words that are oh-so trendy now. One part vajay-jay (I hate that word, but they won't let me use vagina on the site) One part jewel and One part dazzle. So basically what you end up with is a ornately decorated pubic region.

If this is something you want to try, you can go to a specialist salon or buy a DIY kit. If you do choose the home made method then make sure you get the right glue. Superglue is NOT recommended. However I would recommend investing in a magnifying poseable mirror so you don't have to constantly contort to check the alignment of your beads and crystals.

Another thing to remember is that we are dealing with a potentially sensitive area so make sure you have a plan before you start and get things exactly where you want them before the glue dries.

If you want to practice a few designs or get a feel for what is involved then grab one of these.

When done properly, vajazzling can be an attractive addition to any pubic region, and as with most fashion statements, less is more - unless you want Lady JayJay to look like Lady Gaga.

For the perverts men reading this post, looking for a Vajazzled Fa-shnazzle, here you go:

Christmazzle Vajazzle
Christmazzle Vajazzle
(not mine)
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Anonymous said...

What do you have about stockcar racing? I miss the south since moving north! I'm the edgucated one, I think.

Mable Johansson said...

That's disgusting. Who on earth would want a shiny vaginy?

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