Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cigar Guy has been revealed

The Daily Mail in London announced recently that they had located the infamous Cigar Guy. His name is Rupesh Shingadia and he is a normal 30 year old guy who is a little embarrassed by all the attention. We will say no more and respect Rupesh's privacy.

However, the internet phenomenon that he unwittingly created will live on for a little while longer. Cigar Guy is responsible for an unprecedented upturn in My Twist News viewers. Sadly, more than 90% of the people landing on this site turned away instantly, looking for something more substantial than a story about Rob Schneider looking like Cigar Guy.

In a big ironic twist Rupesh and Rob both have the same initals - R.S.

We would like to thank the 6000+ people who visited the site with Cigar Guy Fever and sincerely hope we brought a smile to the faces of them all. We also offer a special thanks to the few who took the time to dig a little deeper into the archives of My Twist News, and trust that you will come back to visit soon.

We would also like to thank Rob Schneider, who may be blissfully unaware of our blatant use of his name and image.

Thanks to Mark Pain for snapping the image that launched Cigar Guy to the realm of internet royalty.

Most of all, we send thanks to Rupesh, without whom none of this crazyness would have been possible.

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