Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot Christmas Toys 2010

What will be the top selling toy leading up to Christmas this year?

Just like the Backstreet Boys only cuter

There are a couple of items in contention (see below) but top of my list is Sing-A-Ma-Jigs from Fisher Price.

$20 gets you a furry little bugger with technology that has evolved from the once magical furby. By themselves they are randomly noisy and offer hours of entertainment for tiny hands, but the true magic happens when you add other SAMJ's and make a choir.

These wacky little critters interact with each other in a musical way. Each different color (and they have as many colors as M&M's) has a different personality and I highly recommend taking advantage of the 4-pack and getting price break to see the how they work together.

Don't wait too long on this one, they are selling out fast at all major retailers.

My other 5 top tips across a range of prices are

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