Friday, October 8, 2010

Dora the Explorer's real father is A-Rod

Almost every parent in the United States knows the diminutive explorer, Dora. The cute little girl who helps our children learn with the assistance of her talking monkey friend, Boots and a magical backpack, imaginatively named Backpack. But within Dora's history is a darker secret that she herself is just coming to terms with. For years, we as innocent voyeurs of Dora's adventures had assumed that the man she calls 'Papi' is her father. In a shocking revelation we have found this to be untrue.

Dora is a natural when it comes to baseball
Dora is a natural when it comes to baseball
The secret to her true father's identity lies within her own name. Just as Ramon Garciaparra named his child Nomar by reversing his own name, so did Dora's real daddy.

That's right STP readers. A-Rod fathered a Latino love child who went on to become a Nickelodeon Superstar. In other words A-Rod is Dora's father. Unfortunately none of the parties involved were available for comment at this time.

A-Rod as Cigar Guy
Nice disguise A-Rod, but it's been done
Dora is already in the headlines this week, complaining that $5000 per show is not enough, and A-Rod was busy getting 1 hit and 1 RBI against the Minnesota Twins in ALDS Game 2. Hopefully the release of this news won't affect the Yankee's performance in games 3,4 and 5. (Yeah right - Go Twins ! !)

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