Sunday, July 25, 2010

PayPal Donation Scam

Savvy bloggers are employing a new scam to separate people from their cash. The appearance of 'Donation' buttons has been noticed on more and more blogs, including this one.
The root of all evil?

The purpose of these buttons is to separate readers from their hard earned cash in order to fund the alcoholic inspiration that keeps a lot of these mostly pointless but sometimes witty and clever musings available online.

Most bloggers and blog readers are familiar with the use of advertising on their blog pages and feeds, but unless the page has a great number of readers and more importantly a great number of people who click on the ads, then the income is severely limited, with most blogs taking years to achieve the minimum revenue to receive a payout.

Bloggers rarely receive the credit they are due for the efforts they invest in their material, so they are being more upfront, and bluntly asking people they have never met for money. Just as a busker may play the guitar and expect passers by to drop a few coins into his case, so the blogger suggests you drop a few e-coins into his PayPal account.

Next time you see the PayPal Donate button on a blog page

please click it and donate what you think the efforts of the blogger are worth.

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