Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marathon Match was a Plot To Draw Viewers

We all know that men's tennis is about as mindnumbingly dull as watching paint dry, but when a single game last 11 hours and takes 2 days to play, it's like watching the paint dry and then slowly peel off the wall.
Almost a double fault
Almost a double fault!
Women's tennis is another matter. Athletic women in short skirts, bending over and grunting with every exertion, now that I could watch for 11 hours (unless any of the players had the last name Williams - TOO athletic for my heterosexual tastes).

Anyway...the people at Wimbledon have always had to deal with tennis being boring, but going head to head with the soccer world cup, the most watched sports event on the planet ever, its like John McEnwho? Martina Navratiwhat? They had no chance of even making the 'IN OTHER NEWS' section of the 3 AM news broadcast.

The tennis chiefs formulated a plan to get the Queen of England to honor Wimbledon with her presence. The most recognisable woman on the planet is bound to spur an interest in tennis. Great plan...her first words once she was escorted to her seat was "Which one is David Beckham?" followed 10 minutes later by "Fuck me, this is dull. Let's get a hot dog."

Using plan B, 'the game that refused to end', was a stroke of genius by the Wimbledon heads. The sporting world sat up and took notice. Then one of the players lost, the game was over and so was the public's interest in Wimbledon.

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