Saturday, July 31, 2010

DJ Lance to leave Gabba Gabba Land

Lance Robertson, the orange jumpsuit wearing DJ on Yo Gabba Gabba is hanging up his furry day-glo bearskin and taking a well earned break from children's TV.
Kidrobot DJ Lance Rock 2010 Dunny Yo Gabba Gabba SDCC
DJ Lance Toy: Perfect for Christmas

Yo Gabba Gabba has been a children's favorite for many years now and has achieved such cult status that movie stars and b-list personalities are lining up to appear on the show for dancey-dance time. Big names like Jack Black, Elijah Wood, Tony Hawk and Sugarland have already made idiots of themselves infront of millions of children. As have Jimmy Fallon's late night house band, The Roots.

Lance said that he is sorry to leave the show, but he is sick of looking like an 8 foot myopic tangerine and needs to move on to regain his sanity.

The show's producers have refused to comment on the rumors that DJ Lance will be replaced by DJ Marilyn Manson.

DJ Marilyn Manson and the Yo Gabba Gabba crew
Yo Gabba Gabba with DJ Marilyn Manson

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