Saturday, July 24, 2010

North Korea Threaten Nuclear Retaliation

North Korea is jealous of the US and South Korea being friends and playing wargames together off the South Korean coast, and has threatened a nuclear intervention at the combat practice. The hot air eminates from Pyongyang, a city still recoiling from its country's ass-whooping in the soccer world cup.
Goal Scoring at the North Korean Soccer Camp
Soccer camp in North Korea
A US spokesperson said, "North Korea were beaten fair and square at the world cup. They sucked! I mean seriously, they only scored 1 goal and let in 12. Why would we let them play Wargames with us. It would be like playing World War 2 with the French."

A North Korean responded, "The North Korean soccer team played honorably and was sadly unable to perform due to it's star player, Kim Jong Il being otherwise engaged, simultaneously being President, performing open heart surgery and calculating Pi to the 1 millionth decimal place without using a calculator."

He continued, "They don't want us to participate because they know that our esteemed leader is both an ace fighter pilot and a renowned military strategist who could single handedly destroy the troops of both countries."

Tensions in the area remain high since the captain of the nuclear powered USS George Washington supercarrier is vacationing in the port of Busan, S. Korea and he brought his boat, and 200 F-22 'Raptor' stealth fighters with him.

The wargames are due to begin on Sunday.

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