Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic-Con is over for another year

120,000 parental basements have been deserted for the last four days while the nerds of the world have been dressed as Star Wars characters and Comic Book heroes (and villains) at the San Diego Conference Center for the annual Geek-Week Comic-Con.
Geek Yourself

Normally the victims of exclusion and mockery in the mortal universe, these bespectacled basement dwellers come into their own in Southern California for the best part of a week, dressing up as Batman and Superman, or Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers. And for some strange reason, Comic-Con also attracts it's share of hot women who dress as sexily as the on-screen fantasy women that the CC nerds dream of.

We caught up with 23 year old San Diego resident, Tanya Verlstrum who had a different sexy outfit for each day of the event, including the 'Jedi - Leia slave girl' and 'Nymphos from Venus' costumes. She admitted, "I love to dress sexy in a safe environment where I am not going to get hit on, and these conventions are so much more fun than gay bars."
Tanya Verlstrum - Leia Slave Girl

We tried to get the guy's side of the story, but they all ran away claiming that our recording equipment wasn't secure and that the CIA and/or aliens could use it to access their minds and use them for evil or get Dungeons and Dragons secrets.

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