Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blog uses raunchy pics to increase readership

A new blog is published every 11 seconds, so how do you make sure yours is going to get noticed? You could spend money on ad placements or Alexa SEO (search engine optimization). Or you could use sex...
...raunchy, but tasteful...
"...raunchy, but tasteful..."
One savvy satirical news blog posted raunchy, but tasteful images on it's pages to encourage hits and hopefully gain some loyal readers, who could have otherwise missed the site completely.
...perfectly legitimate...
"...perfectly legitimate..."
We discussed these tactics with the editor of the site, who said "It is a perfectly legitimate way to capture readers. Advertisers use sex to sell their goods on a daily basis, so why shouldn't we play by the same set of rules. No one is being exploited and the images are merely titilating and no more sexual than a Victoria's Secret catalog. In the interest of equality we have posted images that our female readers would enjoy also."

For the female readers
For the female readers
Countering that point is Lesley Bian, representing some women's action group. "Our bodies are our own and we don't want to be ogled by men trying to mentally undress us, or rating us according to our looks. This kind of blatent use of sexuality is empowering men and that is just not......" [ed. - Yawn]
...merely titilating...
"...merely titilating..."
Ok Lesley, we get the message, you don't like to be ogled by men.
...ogled by men.
"...ogled by men."

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