Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday 13th part VI

By +Sue Casa

I'm the new girl so it looks like I have to do this year's Friday 13th post. I will probably have to do tomorrows St. Valentine's day post too. I took a little time to look back through previous posts to get an idea of what is required in a Slap the Penguin F13 post. It looks like we just rehash the same ideas over and over with different characters, and a similar story. Not unlike a certain series of horror movies...

Friday 13th movies 1-12
Friday 13th movies 1-12

I could get into friggatriggajiggaphobia or go on about how the number 13 is only unlucky in certain cultures like these guys did in previous posts...

F13.1 | F13.2 F13.3 | F13.4 | F13.5

And I am also contractually obliged to mention the antidote to Friday 13th which is Sunday 7th, the luckiest day of the year, strewn with leprechauns and 4 leafed clovers and horseshoes.

The number 13 is not really that as unlucky as people make it out to be. A baker's dozen is 13, meaning one extra bagel, and thirteen is considered lucky in some parts of Italy. OK so that's all I have for the positives. Maybe the number 13 is unlucky after all. I am sure it is no coincidence that they stopped making Friday 13th movies after number 12.

I am not one to avoid stepping on cracks, and I did walk under a ladder yesterday, and I am still here, so I suppose superstition is what you make of it. Maybe, like with horoscopes, if you look for the connection, especially retroactively, you will find it. And besides, do any of you take fortune cookies seriously?

What do you get superstitious about? Share your irrational fears here, and maybe Tina can write one of her Dear Tina posts about it, with some good advice for you.

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