Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear Tina - How can I dump Starbucks?

By +Tina Cruris

Dear Tina, I am a huge coffee fan but I am sick of paying Starbucks prices. Even though I like their products, I think they are overpriced. What are my options for getting barista quality coffee for less than the price of my daily brew. I don't mind making my own, but I am not impressed by name brand 'instant' coffee. Please help me feed my caffeine craving without emptying my bank account.

Thanks, Carrie Boo

Thanks for your question, Carrie Boo. I am also a coffee fanatic, and like you, I have looked for other ways to drink good coffee without paying $4 a cup. There are a few choices you can make depending on your precise needs. Do you want to brew at home, or buy on the road? Do you drink many small cups, or nurse a large cup? Are you a single style gal or do you want variety?
Fourbucks - coffee for four bucks
Did you know that Starbucks backwards is skcubrats?
If you want cheap and reasonable coffee on the move then McDonald's McCafé coffee is a surprisingly good choice. It's inexpensive, and a McDonald's can be found almost everywhere.

For people who want to make great coffee at home, the first choice is to buy a drip brewer and a grinder and grind your own fresh beans. This will give you a full pot of coffee, allowing you to fill your favorite 4 cup mug and truly enjoy your favorite roast.

If you are a single-cup drinker or want a variety of flavors depending on your mood, then you should invest in a Kuerig brewing system, which uses the K-Cup system to make a single 8oz cup of coffee in a matter of minutes. Just drop in the K-Cup of your choice, add water and press start. You are not restricted to just coffee either. K-Cups come in 100's of styles including tea and hot chocolate.

Cup shape comparison chart
K-Cups may not be as big as you think they are
While the K-Cup solution may not be as cheap as the drip brewer option, the versatility and convenience factors may weigh strongly in favor of buying a Kuerig. It may be 3 times the price of drip coffee, but you can get 7 K-Cups for the price of a Starbucks Tall Coffee.

Another option which should be avoided like the plague may be on it's way to the US soon is the KFC Scoff-ee edible coffee cup. A cup made from cookie sounds like a great idea until their pour KFC coffee into it.

I trust that I have given you enough information to make an educated choice about satisfying your coffee cravings. Let me know which option you chose, or if you found your own solution. Readers, feel free to share your suggestions for the best value coffee option. The comments section is there for you guys.

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