Thursday, February 26, 2015

KFC to test edible coffee cups in UK

By +Sue Casa

Fast food monster, KFC, celebrates it's 50th anniversary this year and as part of the palaver it is introducing a new, edible coffee cup made from cookie called the Scoff-ee Cup. Now people can dunk their coffee in their cookie.

The KFC Scoff-ee cup
KFC will introduce the Scoff-ee Cup later this year
The Scoff-ee Cup is made from cookie dough shaped into a cup and wrapped in edible paper. The inside is coated with heat resistant white chocolate (???) which melts slowly, gradually sweetening your coffee. Once the chocolate is fully melted the coffee begins to soften up the cookie so you have limited time to finish your coffee before the cookie dissolves and the contents escape all over your desk. (note: don't leave your phone next to your Scoff-ee Cup).

Once the coffee is done you can eat the cup leaving absolutely no waste, or if you are brave enough, you can nibble on the cup as you drink. Either way, you get coffee and a cookie and no packaging to worry about. Also there is no chance of a free refill if you have eaten the cup, which is one reason why they are not trialing the Scoff-ee Cup in the US where free refills are the norm.

KFC are also experimenting with adding mood enhancing scents like coconut and freshly cut grass to the cup in order to make their coffee a mind-blowing sense explosion.

The Big Daddy from KFC
If only it tasted as good as it looks on the website
While I applaud the efforts of KFC for trying to reduce waste, I think they should move their focus from edible cups to edible food. There is a reason why people joke about throwing away the food and eating the box. Happy 50th Anniversary, KFC.

Would this make you buy coffee from KFC? Which mood scent would you add to your edible coffee cup? Will the Scoff-ee Cup make KFC coffee taste better? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally in favor of edible cups. Ice Cream has been served that way for ever. I only hope that Victoria's Secret follow suit pretty soon.

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