Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chili's ToGo BoGo NoGo Logo

By +Brad Naylor

Casual dining restaurant, Chili's, have made a U-turn on their latest idea after complaints from the employees that it would reduce the number customers coming into the restaurant to eat. The company executives have since shelved plans for the Buy-One-Get-One To Go menu items.

BoGo ToGo Logo No Go
No Go on the BoGo To Go Logo
"Most To Go customers don't tip as well as dine-in customers," an anonymous Chili's employee told us, "and in an industry where our tips determine whether we get to eat or not, we can't afford a big switch towards To Go customers."

The plan was for a limited number of menu items to be available on a buy one, get one (BoGo) free basis, if the customer used a coupon during a To Go order. The concept was set to undergo trials in the Mid West during winter months when dining out numbers take a natural decline, but the idea has since been put on a back burner.

This is not the first time Chili's have had issues with their To Go services, recently their signs have been defaced with graffiti, spawning from TXT/online culture. TOGO has become an acronym which is a variant of 'Tits or GTFO' often used as a sexist slur.

TOGO - Tits Or Get Out
To Go or not To Go, that is the question
Prior to that, in 1995 when Chili's first unveiled their To Go service they were sued by the West African nation of Togo over the use of the term 'ToGo'. The situation was settled peaceably when Chili's promised to always use either a space or punctuation between the words 'To' and 'Go' so that there would be no confusion.

Togo, the West African nation
Togo (not actual size)
What do you think about To Go dining? Do you tip your To Go server? Is it any easier than actually going in to the restaurant to eat? You still have to drive there, then you have to drive home, and then you have to warm the food up again when you get it home. And I swear the portions are smaller when you get take out. Is there another word that rhymes with To Go which we could have added to the title? Share below.

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