Tuesday, December 16, 2014

800 posts

By +Ian C

It's time for us to blow our own trumpet once again, since nobody is going to blow it for us. We have managed to string together 800 posts in the 4 or so years since we started redefining satirical news. For those who are new to STP, our new definition of satirical news is:- a bunch of people with nothing better to do than turning crappy puns into so called news stories, and also making fun of celebrities along the way.

STP reached 800 posts
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You can find the previous 799 posts by either scrolling to the end of this one (hopefully reading it as you go) and clicking the link for Older Post, or by navigating the archive which is on the right hand side down towards the bottom before the visitor counter and the legal blurb.

From the previous 100 posts, our top three are:-
Do you agree with our top 3 selection? What would be your top posts from the last 100? Use the comments section below to share your opinion, no matter how worthless or misinformed.

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