Monday, December 1, 2014

What do we want for Christmas?

By +Ian C

Now that Thanksgiving is done, and the Black Friday battles have abated it's time for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is when all of the 'best' online deals come around. It's all a big con as online retailers pump out their loss leaders and try to make you drop a bunch of other full margin items in your cart while you think you are getting the best deal.

In the past we have posted our predictions for the best selling toys of the season, but this year we are sharing our Christmas lists with you. Not for you to buy us things as a thank you for all the great times we have given you, but to give you an insight into our own lives.

All you have to do is guess which one of us wants which gift idea for Christmas. See if you can guess all 5 items correctly before Christmas Day, and maybe there will be a prize for the first person to guess all 5 gifts correctly. Just to remind you, our writers are Alexa, Brad, Ian, Sue and Tina


Happy shopping and leave your 'guess the gift' entry in the comments section below.

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