Monday, December 15, 2014

The hot new craze of Swifting

By +Sue Casa

I am sure you all remember 'planking', when people would post pictures on their facebook page of them lying flat, face down and rigid in the most awkward and silly place possible. And then of course there was 'owling' which didn't quite get the same recognition, but involved people perching in an owl pose and again posting the evidence to facebook. Our American readers may also be familiar with 'Tebowing' which, I am told, lasted almost as long as his career. It seems that all of those ridiculous trends have been firmly placed in the archives, but a new trend is sweeping the nation. That trend is known as...

Taylor Swift - Swifting
No caption needed. It's Taylor Swift doing what she does best
Technically, Taylor did not invent the trend of looking surprised, however, she has undoubtedly made it into an art form, especially at award ceremonies. Take a look at another image of Taylor Swift receiving another award.

Taylor Swift - Swifting Again
A more polished 'Swifting' after some practice
Note the rounder mouth shape and the extra control in the finger splaying which makes her look less like she wants to cram a 6-inch meatball marinara in there. The fact that Taylor always receives awards with the same open mouthed, wide eyed surprised look won her an award at the Stoke-on-Trent Amateur Adult Movie Guild who voted her 'BJ Mouth of the year'. Taylor politely declined to accept, even though she was in the country during the time of the event.

So who else has adopted the trend of Swifting? There are a few celebrities who have posted images of their Swifting exploits, including Macaulay Culkin, Amy Adams and Hugh Laurie as well as some lesser known people like James the Cat.

Macaulay Culkin - Swifting
This looks more like fear than surprise
Amy Adams - Swifting
Totally over the top, Ms. Adams
Hugh Laurie - Swifting
Really - I got the role of House MD?
James the Cat - Swifting
This is just the beginning. Send us your Swifting pics, and we will add them to this list, and we will also put them on our facebook page so that you can have your 15 minutes of fame. You will get bonus points if you wear a Taylor Swift wig, or look like an Afghan hound in your Swifting pic.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you have to be so mean? She just had a birthday too. You should not hate on Taylor just because you are a jealous bitch.

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