Friday, December 5, 2014

Man finds second piece of meat in frozen pot pie

By +Brad Naylor

Rich Goodman is a normal, everyday bachelor who enjoys the single life of collecting beer bottle caps, watching internet porn, and enjoying frozen meals for one. Last week while enjoying a banquet chicken pot pie, Rich discovered something in his pie that he never expected to see.

Banquet Chicken Pot Pie
The package shows a second piece of chicken, for marketing purposes only
Rich explained his strange discovery to us. "I cooked the pie normally in the microwave for five minutes, and then started to eat it. I always try to find the piece of chicken early so I can enjoy it while it's still kinda warm, and while I was chewing on the chicken cube, poking around in the pie with my fork, I found another cube of chicken. I was amazed because I have never had 2 pieces of meat in one of these pot pies before. My first thought was that maybe a single piece of chicken had accidentally been cut into 2 smaller pieces, but both pieces were about a 1/2 inch square which is normal for banquet frozen pies. The only explanation I have is that I got a second piece of meat in my pie. This makes me feel sorry for the person out there who gets the pie with the missing meat"

We were intrigued by Rich's story so we contacted Banquet Foods to find out more about this rare occurrence.

Banquet spokesman Todd Fendall told us, "It is unlikely that Mr Goodman got somebody else's piece of chicken. Our production facilities are very well managed and we have exceptional qulaity cotrol standards. The likelihood of a piece of chicken straying from it's target pie into another pie which has already been filled is close to impossible. It is more likely that Mr Goodman's pie was on the line at the precise moment that we had to refill the chicken dispenser."

Rich Goodman
Rich Goodman: concerned that he got a double portion of meat
"After a meat refill, the machine pops out an extra chicken piece to ensure that our pies do not leave the factory under-filled. It would be catastrophic for our business if we advertised chicken pot pie on the package and there was no chicken inside the pie. This is the most likely reason for Mr Goodman receiving twice as much chicken as he has come to expect. Thankfully this is not a common situation, and we would like to apologize to Mr Goodman for any dissatisfaction that may have occurred as a result of this consumer protection process."

Rich was satisfied with the explanation and accepted Banquet's apology along with a coupon for a year's supply of Pot Pies valued at $128.70.

Have you ever had more meat than you were expecting? Share your Pot Pie experiences in the comments section below.

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