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What got slapped 12 months ago - May 2013

By +Tina Cruris

Happy May everybody. And on behalf of super geek and fellow penguin slapper, +Brad Naylor, Happy Star Wars Day. We meet once again on the first Sunday of a new month, and as usual, I offer my services as guide to the recent history of our satirical news blog.

The way it works is really easy. The date and headline lead you naturally into a teaser of the post, which will hopefully be enough for you to investigate more. Simply click on the headline and you will be introduced to a new window containing that post from our archives. Brace yourselves, folks; you are in for a bumpy ride. Oh you noticed that I copypasted that last paragraph from last month...
Brad reported on the sad news of the death of Kris Kross rapper, Chris Kelly. Remember the guys who wore their clothes back to front and introduced that short lived fad of wearing your baggy pants around your knees? Yeah he was one of them.

May 4th 2013 - Happy Star Wars Day
Nobody knows where or when this geek pun started, but someone I know claims that he first made the joke back in the late 80's while waiting for a bus. If you don't get the joke, or don't even see a joke then please follow the link for enlightenment.

May 5th 2013 - Happy Cinco de Mayo
Brad seemed to dominate early May writing and here is an historic piece from him, which puts to shame the behavior of many non-Mexican people on this Mexican national holiday.

May 7th 2013 - Product Review - Samsung Note 10.1 tablet
Alexa shared a heartfelt review about her new Samsung Note 10.1 tablet. It's now about a year old and Samsung probably have a newer, bigger, more powerful tablet out now. Oh well.

May 9th 2013 - Top 5 badly chosen business names
Ian C highlighted 5 hilarious and badly chosen business names, and suggests the need for a second pair of eyes before painting that sign.

May 16th 2013 - Hulk Hogan attempts to sanitize the internet
Is it really only a year since Hulk Hogan threatened STP with legal action to remove images which may have come from a Hulk Hogan sex tape? Details about Hogan's attempts can be found by following the link.

May 17th 2013 - Spot the Sex Tape Star
Further digging into the world of home made porn tapes reveals a common theme. Most potential sex tape stars sport what is known as a pornstache. You can vote for your favorite.

May 19th 2013 - The new Lesbian flag
Can you believe that until 2013, Lesbians did not have their own flag? Well now they do. Click to read about the details and see this great new flag design.

May 21st 2013 - 8 Bit News - Women Don't Need Bras
Alexa uses her 8-Bit News format to focus on the story and not get lost in the imagery. This post highlights a Frenchman's theory and his years of research that women have no need to wear a bra.

May 23rd 2013 - Twit and run
A dumb blonde Brit knocked a cyclist off his bike and then tweeted about it, allowing local police to track her down. Find out what happened to her after that...

May 24th 2013 - Chinese demand School Xing sign change
Members of a Chinese community have petitioned local government insisting that the familiar 'School Xing' signs should be removed since they are offensive and  misleading.

May 26th 2013 - Ban on gay scouts lifted
For generations, scouts have been exclusively heterosexual, but now openly gay scouts are allowed to join the troop, even though there are still opponents to the controversial decision.

May 27th 2013 - Happy Mammorial Day
It seems to me that this was just another excuse to post a picture of a woman in a bra using an unfunny homophone device. They don't even look real...

May 28th 2013 - 3D printers - Novelty toy or criminal's joy?
We investigate the possible criminal uses for a 3D printer as well as making silly novelty items with this cutting edge technology.

May 31st 2013 - Christian Mingle or Christian Money Pit?
Is Christian Mingle a legitimate way to find a like minded mate or is it just a tool for exploiting desperate God fearing singles and taking all their money in exchange for a chance of matrimonial bliss? Brad digs deeper into the world of online dating and reports his findings here.

Well that's it. There were a few posts in-between these, most of which were penguin facts and Bublé headswaps, which are accessible through the archive if you are that interested. Thanks for stopping by, see you next month for the June 2013 reslap.

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