Sunday, May 18, 2014

Breaking Bad Cookbook for Father's Day

By +Ian C

Father's Day is less than a month away, and you now how tough it is to buy for the old man in your life. There are only so many ties and socks and World's Greatest Dad mugs that you can get before you totally run out of inspiration. Here is a great idea that will get you off the hook and get your dad off the couch for something other than beer... it's the Breaking Bad Cookbook.

Baking Bread - the Breaking Bad Cookbook
Note - There are no recipes for meth in here. Or for bread.
Within an hour of receiving this awesome gift, he will put on his yellow hazmat suit (sold separately) and be in the kitchen cooking up a treat for dinner. Los Pollos Hermanos anyone?

I should point out that there are only 6 recipes in this book, but how often does your dad actually make dinner? In reality this book offers a years worth of inspiring meals for the Heisenberg in your home.

Bon App├ętit! and you're welcome.

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