Saturday, May 10, 2014

Michael Sam is now a Ram

Hey gang, this is Brad introducing my good friend Titan Young with another awesome guest post.

It took me ages to come up with that headline which is why this story is so late getting to you guys. So Michael Sam was drafted and the NFL was saved from a potential anti-gay backlash. It took 249 out of the 256 picks for it to happen but Michael Sam is now proud to be a St. Louis Ram. And there is already a book about his exploits.

Sam the Ram

This makes Michael Sam the first gay in NFL history; or does it..?

According to my research, 11 Gays have played in the NFL dating as far back as the 1925-26 season when Chet Gay played Offensive Lineman for the Buffalo Bisons. More recently, Jordan Gay was a punter for the New York Giants, and William Gay is a Pittsburgh Steeler Cornerback.

So what's the big deal? Shouldn't Michael Sam be drafted (or not) on the strength of his football skills rather than his sexual orientation? Of course he should, but the fact that so few professional sportsmen and women are openly gay outside of ice-dancing and ladies tennis, meant that this had become a major factor in his draftability.

While the world pretended not to notice that Michael Sam Jr. is gay, his father, Michael Sam Sr. gave an interview with the New York Times back in February regarding his son's sexual preferences. He said he "didn't want his grand kids raised in that kind of environment." I'm not sure whether he fully understands the concept of being gay, but he is probably not going to have to worry about any grand kids.

The other concern regarding this news comes not from prejudices, but from commentating slips during a game. Here are the top 5 worst possible things to say when Michael Sam is playing.
  • Michael Sam is looking to get some deep penetration in the backfield
  • There's a fag on the play, looks like holding
  • Sam is having a bad game, it's like he is playing for the other team
  • Michael gets into position, ready to receive
  • Sam is going for the sack...
Yeah, I know, but I didn't have a lot of time to write this.

That's the wrong endzone
That's the wrong endzone
Good luck in your NFL career Michael. I know most of football will accept you at face value and treat you as a fellow player, regardless of who you are off the field. Just make sure you have a killer end-zone dance, just in case you score... a touch down.

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