Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where there's a will there's a William

Today is Prince William's 30th birthday and the one piece of mail I bet he can't wait to open is the check from his mother's estate. Lucky William is not only 1 year older, but also $15.5 million richer, thanks to the inheritance from his mother - Diana, Princess of Wales.
Prince William looking incredibly rich

The multi-million dollar deal is made up of stocks and shares, jewelry, money from her divorce settlement and other personal belongings including a number of very expensive dresses, which are currently touring the globe, continuing to raise money for her foundation even after her death, 15 years ago.
"I think we should keep this dress out of the exhibit"
This is a big year for Prince William and his bride Kate. The London Olympics are happening in their back yard. They have a Royal tour of Asia and now some spending money, thanks Mummy.

Happy birthday Your Highness, and happy birthday to everyone else out there celebrating their birthday today.

Happy Birthday to everyone with a birthday


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