Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where are they now? Top Gun

Way back in 1986, the world was exposed to the mach-2 macho movie, Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. The story revolves around a hot shot pilot who goes to the 'Top Gun' academy to fly with the best of the best and while he is there he serenades a chick called Charlie in a bar, pisses off a bunch of other pilots, loses his best friend and co-pilot, screws Charlie (who turns out to be his instructor) and beats the Russians in a cold war face off and then makes nice with all the pilots he pissed off earlier.

Top Gun

Wow, the first paragraph kind of covered everything, so here are some 'then and now' pictures of the first four actors listed on Top Gun page on

Tom Cruise - Maverick
Tom is still acting and has been in millions of movies since sitting in the seat of an F-14 for Top Gun. He will turn 50 this year and has barely changed since this movie was made. Rumors suggest that he bathes in the blood of virgins, while others say that Scientology keeps him looking young.

Kelly McGillis - Charlie
Kelly has made dozens of movies that nobody has heard of since appearing in Top Gun. She has been married twice but has lost that lovin' feelin' and is now a lesbian. I wonder how many other women have shared a sex scene with Tom Cruise only to find that  they prefer the company of women.

Anthony Edwards - Goose
This guy lost all his hair and became a doctor on ER. He has also been in some other movies but nobody remembers any of them. Oooh, he was in Revenge of the Nerds 1 and 2. Not sure if he was in the third nerds movie. I couldn't stay awake long enough during the AMC marathon last Christmas.

Val Kilmer - Iceman
Wow. He got fat. But at least he has all his hair, Goose. And he got to be Batman for one movie. He was in a shitload of movies, including The Ten Commandments: The Musical, as Moses. "Pharaoh, you're still dangerous... but you can be my wingman."

Overall there was a great balance of action for the guys and romance for the ladies, making Top Gun one of the greatest 'date movies' of the 80's. Now, 26 years later, you should definitely revisit it, even if it does seem slightly dated and just a little gay.

I feel the need, the need for a homo-erotic shirtless volleyball scene
Just Saying.

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