Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mini Contest

"This is Slap the Penguin"
We at Slap the Penguin are never ones to toot our own horns, so to celebrate our latest milestone, we have posted a little pictoral clue above.
We invite you to use the comments section below to make your guesses as to why we are celebrating. The first person to post the correct answer will be hereby known as smartypants. I would love to offer a prize, but our advertising budget is zero, and our gross profit is less than that (Hint, hint potential sponsors).

If nobody guesses correctly (or bothers to guess) within about a week, I will edit this post and add the answer below.



Tinkerbell said...

Celebration of the Vikings first landing on American soil!

MKUK said...

US flag now has 13 stripes.

Ian C - Slap the Penguin said...

Thanks to the two people who entered the 300th post contest. SO far nobody has guessed the correct answer, and we have only 2 days left. Keep those guesses coming....

SUE said...

Perhaps you are celebrating 300 posts on the STP site.

Ian C - Slap The Penguin said...

Yay, we have a WINNER.
I wish there was a prize for you.

This is indeed our 300th post.

Congratulations to SUE

SUE said...

The other two posts were just as good, but not quite right. thank you.

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