Friday, June 8, 2012

LMFAO buy world's biggest toy store

Party Rockers, Redfoo and Sky Blu just announced that they have bought a controlling share in FAO Schwarz. The worlds largest toy store is celebrating it's 150th birthday this year and will also be getting a makeover and minor name change. LMFAO Schwarz is gonna look sexy and you know it.

Redfoo and Sky Blu at LMFAO Schwarz
The electro-pop duo of Stefan Kendal Gordy (Redfoo) and his nephew, Skyler Austen Gordy (Sky Blu) are the son and grandson of big time music mogul Berry Gordy, and with a musical background like that, it was no surprise that they were going to become music superstars.

So far, since their inception in 2006 LMFAO have released 2 CD's and had multiple smash hits, and performed with Madonna at the half time show of Superbowl XLVI, and they are back in the studio, drinking, partying and recording new material.

LMFAO recording new material
We asked the boys about their plans for the future of LMFAO Schwarz, and they assured us that it would be business as usual. In a formal statement Red and Sky told us, "We want to introduce a range of Party Rock dolls and market them within the chain, and we want to aggressively promote the brand through our own media outlets."

LMFAO and their commercial for 'Twister'
Everyday I'm Twistering
Do you think that this kind of merchant and music matchup is good for business? Would you rather stay away from such blatant endorsement or sponsorship deals? The comments section is below for you to weigh in and share your opinions.


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Henry J. Talbot said...

His name is Red Foo? I thought a foo was the name for lady parts. And why would the lady parts be red? Are they infected?

Boo... LMFAO =

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