Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fat Guy Charged Double for Airline Seat

An airline charged an overweight traveler double the usual fare to fly from St Louis, MO to Phoenix, AZ this past week.

An airplane
An airplane, and a pointless caption
(of course it's an airplane)

Prophet Airlines, a small regional carrier, claim that Oliver Bese was unable to fit comfortably and safely into a single seat and was required to purchase a second ticket in order to remain on the airplane.

Oliver says that the seat next to him on the airplane was vacant and he had not displaced or inconvenienced other passengers and that he will contest the extra charge. He claims they also added a galley stocking fee to his credit card to cover the extra food they had to carry, even though the only thing he ate on the flight was a bag of complimentary pretzels.

Some pretzels
Airline Pretzels - a double order

Prophet Airlines owner, Sid Ajruplan, commented on the situation saying, “Prophet Airlines has a longstanding policy for passengers who cannot satisfy the standard safety requirements for our airplanes. The policy is viewable on our website, printed on the reverse of our boarding passes and available for review at all of our check-in and information counters.”

“In Mr Bese's case, the standard seat belt would not close and even with the largest available seat belt extender, it took Mr Bese and 2 of our stewards to secure the belt. In addition to the safety aspect, his size would interfere with the comfort of passengers in adjacent seats. Nobody wants a fat guy sweating all over you on a plane.”
Don't call us trolley dollies
"It's policy, Sir. We are required to assist
you with that seat belt. Now brace yourself"
“With respect to the galley stocking fee, I have no idea what that is or where it originated from and Prophet Airlines will be reimbursing Mr Bese for that charge.”

Mr Bese refused to go on record in response to Prophet's statement, except to say he was extremely dissatisfied with the way he was treated and urges people to boycott Prophet Airlines until they revise their policies and procedures.

What do you think? Should airlines be allowed to charge larger passengers more for the same flight? Is it discrimination or should they charge on a 'per pound' basis considering more weight burns more fuel? Add a comment and share your thoughts.

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Agit8r said...

Brings a new meaning to an "extra baggage fee"

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