Friday, February 18, 2011

Serene Branson – It wasn't a stroke

You may have seen or at least heard of one of the latest viral videos sweeping the internet. Serene Branson was reporting on the 2011 Grammy Awards when suddenly she started blabbering and talking gibberish.
Serene Branson doing an Evan Baxter
Serene Branson - Doing an Evan Baxter
It was reminiscent of news anchor, Evan Baxter being vocally manipulated in the 2003 movie Bruce Almighty.However, the laughs quickly faded as realization dawned that this was not a joke and could be something serious. There was talk that Serene had actually had a stroke, live on air.

We spoke with Serene Branson who explained the reason for the unintelligible rambling and nonsensical sentences coming out of her mouth. “I was making an audition tape for 'The View'." She continued, “I was tipped off that Elizabeth Hasselbeck was leaving the show and I wanted her spot.”
The View - Whoopi, Happy, Joy and Elation
Whoopi, Happy, Joy and Elation
We spoke with an anonymous spokesperson for the view who told us, “We are vewy sowwy that Ewisabeth will be weaving us. She will be missed. I however cannot confirm who will be wepwacing her at our table.”
Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Conservative, Cantankerous, Cow
"Bye Ewisabeth, you cantankewous, Conservative cow"

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