Monday, February 7, 2011

WTF? – Bad American Accents

The Darwinian evolution of the English language over the past 200 years in isolation from it's source has led to a new language, American English. This language has geographical variations, from the bubble gum blonde Californian to the nasally stressed New Yorker and the y'all drawl of the south.
Don't mess with the US
The Brits constantly complain that Americans have massacred their language and no longer speak “The Queen's English”. THAT'S RIGHT ! ! And we don't play cricket anymore or drop everything to drink tea at 3 in the afternoon.
Jason Statham/Hugh Laurie
You are NOT American, you are BRITISH
Now the boot is on the other foot and it is the British people massacring the American language, with actors like Hugh Laurie and Jason Statham trying to sound American and failing miserably.

Bryan Singer, producer of FOX's popular medical drama series House, had no idea that Hugh Laurie was in fact a British actor/comedian and fell for the fake accent used in Laurie's audition tape.

Maybe if he watched this video he would have been better informed of Hugh Laurie's heritage.

As far as Jason Statham's attempts at an accent, his growly low pitched almost whisper with nasal inflection is not even close to American. The Transporter launched him into Hollywood super-stardom, but his acting career took off thanks to the Guy Ritchie movies Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch.

CAUTION: R-Rated language


JaneneMurphy said...

I actually think Hugh Laurie is pretty good! I'm probably not the best judge, though. I do a better job of pointing out actors with a bad English accent. Kevin Costner in 'Prince of Thieves'? Horrible.

Anonymous said...

Our language is super messed up and from what I hear, one of the hardest to learn as a second language. From the mouths of people in third-world countries, "It makes no sense."

The Stupid Q

Tinkerbell said...

The worst ever was Dick Van Dyke playing a cockney chimney sweep in "Mary Poppins".

Claudia said...

Was álmost going to post a complaint about bad accent and Hugh Laurie together in one post, but then I read the site disclaimer. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up with that picture of the map? That's not the United States. Your site sucks. it is misinformed and pokes fun at people who are not able to defend themselves because they probably don't read this bullsh!t.

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