Sunday, February 13, 2011

NADSAQ Index – February 12th 2011

This is not financial analysis, this is celebrity drama analysis. And NADSAQ is not a typo. We aim to analyze the week's most ridiculous celebrities on a 0-100 percent scale. Anyone scoring 100% is obviously a complete nadsaq.
NADSAQ Index February 12 2011
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Hosni Mubarek (50%) [MBRK]
No idea who he is, but his name is in the headlines along with the Egyptian riots and he is creating good results right now.

Will.I.Am (76%) [WIAM]
The first of 2 Super Bowl related entries, and although he is only ¼ responsible for the lacklustre half time show his is the name we are using on the NADSAQ Index. Also it gives me the opportunity to ask if Yoda would call him Will.You.Are

Christina Aguilera (87%) [CHAG]
Super Bowl entry number 2. “O-oh say can you hear? No? Lucky you”. If you are in as much pain as that picture suggests then double it and that's how we felt 5 minutes before the kick off.

Christopher Lee (88%) [CRLE]
A 46 year old married two-term Republican lawmaker, who sent a shirtless photo of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist. Wrong on so many levels. And what exactly is the non-phone hand doing in that picture?

Lindsay Lohan (95%) [LILO]
Drugs, drink, grand larceny (alleged) and bad acting. What more is there that she could possibly do wrong apart from hook up with Charlie Sheen?

What are smart investors looking at for this coming week?
People looking for a quick profit are banking on Charlie Sheen [CSHN] and long term speculators are backing Miley Cyrus [MICY] in order to turn a huge profit.

Please remember that My Twist News Slap the Penguin just reports the numbers and does not offer personal or professional investing advice. The value of your investments can go down as well as up.


Anonymous said...

What about Russel Brand? I would like to invest in him cos he is the biggest and most talentless nadsack on TV.

Jack - MTN said...

Russell Brand sounds like a great mid term investment. NADSAQ code [RUBR]. I saw his performance on SNL last night and I agree with your thoughts.
Personally I don't think he will be around long enough for any serious long term profits so keep an eye on his numbers.
Maybe he and Katy Perry will have a baby and give it a crazy name.

JaneneMurphy said...

Say this, Yoda would!

BTW, I love Russel Brand, but missed him on SNL. I will have to watch him on HULU and see if I need to re-evaluate my stock position.

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