Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WTF? - Re-writing History

With recent suggestions that the model who posed for Leonardo DaVinci's La Giaconda (Mona Lisa) was actually a man and possibly Leo's lover, we uncover some other challenges to established thinking.

The Mona Lisa or the Mano Lisa?
Could this really be a guy?
Since the 1660's people have believed that Sir Isaac Newton's musings about gravity were due to an apple falling on his head. This idea has since been challenged, suggesting that Sir Isaac was disliked by his fellows at Cambridge University and was the target of bullying. On the day when the concept of gravity 'struck him' it did not come from above but rather the apple was thrown at his head from behind. We have a copy of Gottfried Leibniz's  July 13th diary entry proving that Sir Isaac was a target for 'fruitings'.

Leibiz's Diary Entry
Taken from the diary of Gottfried Leibniz
The origin of one of science's greatest theories is also being re-evaluated. A newly discovered image offers weight to the claim that Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity started with the hypothesis “The intensity of dislike of the in-laws is proportional to the length of their stay during the holidays”. This theorem ultimately produced some stuff about the speed of light and how clocks can actually tick more slowly.

Einstein demonstrates how his relatives affect time
The passage of time when the relatives arrive
Can we truly take everything we think we know at face value? Are there any other entries in the history books that should be modified to reflect the whole truth?

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Tinkerbell said...

Why is the motion of the clock apparently going backwards? that's not genius, that's wishful thinking.

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